The Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week British Virgin Islands

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Nightlife: 4

This is not a first-pumping electronic music destination. It’s a laid back, reggae music and dancing under the stars with the sand between your toes kind of destination.

That’s not to discount the nightlife. There’s just a more Jack Sparrow feel to it. The only BVI’s bottle service you’ll find here is waking up under a palm tree with a bottle of rum in your hand.

Day Parties: 4

The BVIs route has some of the best day parties of all the routes. Again, the party is a bit different than the European routes because you will be sipping on rum cocktails on the beautiful white sand beaches all day.

The Yacht Week British Virgin Islands

Activities: 4

The BVIs are great for ocean activities, whether you explore the caves and natural baths at Virgin Gorda or sail out for an afternoon of snorkeling.

Local Culture: 5

The island culture plays a big role in how amazing this experience is. Locals will have you in stitches (they’re hilarious) and make a seriously delicious “painkiller” cocktail.

There is a lot of sailing tourism in the islands but most businesses are run by locals.

The Yacht Week British Virgin Islands

Sailing Experience: 5

The sailing in the BVIs is world-class and each destination along the route has a special and unique appeal. There is a reason Richard Branson built his island home here!

Size of Route: 3

Approx. 10-20 yachts per route

The BVIs is a bit more intimate with a smaller amount of boats on each route. We only had 10 boats on our route but the BVIs routes have gotten a lot bigger over the last few years.

You will find it easier to get a catamaran for this route than other destinations which is great for bigger groups. There is also the famous New Years route which I have yet to experience but looks like a blast and draws a lot more people out than the Spring routes.

Extra Costs: 5

Expect quite a lot of additional expenses in the BVIs. Port fees weren’t too bad (approx. $25/night) but grocery shopping is expensive. There is only one shop in Tortola before you set sail and things are quite pricey. I think I paid something like $6 for a roll of aluminum foil!

The Yacht Week British Virgin Islands