El Dorado, first airport in South America to receive 5 stars Covid-19.

Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport received the 5-star COVID-19 Airport Security Rating awarded by the British firm Skytrax, becoming the first airport in South America to receive this recognition.

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The COVID-19 audit was conducted over 3 days in November 2020 and is based on more than 400 rating elements that evaluate a combination of procedural efficiency checks, visual observation analysis and ATP sampling tests. The scope and consistency of El Dorado Airport’s declared COVID-19 protocols are a key determinant in the final rating applied.

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The audit evaluated the level of personal protective equipment (PPE) of the staff in all areas with respect to the client and the adherence to the use of these elements, which was found to be of a high level. At El Dorado International Airport, the thoroughness and efficiency of contact tracing, terminal entry procedures, and the application of thermal temperature detection are sound and well monitored.

The practicality and usefulness of the physical distancing protocols in all areas of the terminal were verified, as well as the quality and availability of hand hygiene facilities. El Dorado International Airport has introduced 1,200 hand disinfection points and over 8,000 social distancing markers, in addition to PID disposal points and 40 disinfection mats.

The efficiency of the cleaning of the airport was evaluated by the number of personnel available, and the effectiveness of the sanitization was validated through ATP testing.

“It is an honor to receive a 5-star rating in biosecurity, as this allows us to validate that we are doing things right. The commitment of all airport employees and the airport community at large has made this possible. To ensure that all travelers feel safe and confident that the measures we have taken are the best, we will continue to work in a committed manner. We will work and innovate continuously to keep El Dorado at the forefront of biosecurity,” said Andres Ortega Rezk, CEO of El Dorado International Airport.

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