Delta canceled about 100 flights due to staffing shortages.

Delta Air Lines canceled about 100 flights on Sunday due to staffing shortages, and also made some middle seats available a month earlier than anticipated in order to move more passengers.

The airline said it has served more than 1 million travelers in recent days, the highest number since before the coronavirus pandemic began last year.

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“We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience, and most have already been rescheduled for same-day travel,” the airline said in a statement.

Delta implemented measures to increase capacity on its flights, including making middle seats available on Sunday and Monday in an attempt to accommodate more passengers, AF reported.

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The airline announced Wednesday that it would stop blocking the sale of center seats starting in May. The move was made in April last year in order to keep more distance between passengers, an action the company’s CEO reiterated was a factor in raising confidence in the airline. The seats will be made available again at a time when people are flying again and more people are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, the company said.

Delta said the center seats would be open for Sunday and Monday only, and its move to block seats for sale remains in effect. When necessary, seats could be filled with the goal of getting passengers to their destination the same day.

“Delta teams have been working through a variety of factors, including staffing issues, large numbers of vaccinations among employees and pilots returning to work,” the airline said in a statement. Some of the employees had adverse side effects from the vaccine.

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