Panama: Tocumen Airport inaugurates new taxiway

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The General Manager of Tocumen International Airport Raffoul Arab instructed the opening and use of the Lima (L) taxiway as of January 25, a work that will optimize airport operations at runway and apron level.

The implementation of this lane will benefit the passenger experience by reducing waiting time inside the aircraft and improving punctuality. It will also contribute to reduced fuel consumption and more efficient allocation of resources on the ground.

Raffoul Arab explained that the contractor Odebrecht (now called CNO) did not complete the work, so the airport company had to invest one million dollars in technical adjustments and completion.

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“After thoroughly completing a series of air safety-related requirements, inspections and audits, the Civil Aeronautical Authority authorized Tocumen International Airport to use a street that we required to expand capacity and make our operations more efficient,” Arab added.

The integration of the Lima Taxiway connects the north and south sections of the Main Apron of Terminal 1. The connection will allow aircraft to proceed to the Runway 03R/21L thresholds without the need to access additional aprons, ensuring a safer and more agile movement to and from the runways. In addition, a rapid exit lane has been provided to ensure efficient, safe and fast movement of aircraft once they land, heading towards the landing bridges in Terminals 1 or 2.