Colombia: Protest at Bogotá airport to get them flying reactivate.

A group of workers from the air, tourism and hotel sectors protested in front of El Dorado airport in Bogotá. They claim that the COVID-19 pandemic and the air sector’s cessation of operations has harmed them both economically and socially.

Therefore, this Friday morning they demanded the prompt resumption of air operations and other tourism companies. They assure that companies in the air, tourism and hotel sectors have the necessary biosecurity protocols to guarantee a reliable and 100% safe operation.

“A clear example of this has been the more than 300 humanitarian flights operated during the health emergency, in which no passenger or crew member has been infected. We have one of the perhaps strictest protocols in the world and also the discipline and exigency that is most certainly not seen in other economic sectors,” said one of the protesters.

He added that “currently the decisions that have been taken have been contradictory, ambiguous and inconsequential compared to other sectors.

Faced with this situation, they have a list of petitions. Among the points is that the national government assume control over authorizations of domestic and international routes, reopening of airports and date of resumption of operations.

They also request the reactivation of the air operation of at least 30 %, as recommended by IATA, with gradual accelerated growth.

In addition to clear dates for the reopening of domestic flights and in particular international flights, which were postponed again. They demand guarantees for efficient and profitable connectivity at national and international level.

“The future of the more than 600,000 people and their families who depend on the sector is in the hands of our rulers, to whom we ask to reconsider and make decisions for the benefit of the country’s air connectivity and its economic development,” said another of the protesters.

By José David Rodríguez Gómez – RCN Radio