Copa Airlines will continue to operate flights in August and September under the Controlled Operations Center decree.

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Copa Airlines reported that the Government of the Republic of Panama, through Resolution No. 133/DG/DJ/ACC of the Civil Aviation Authority, published in the Official Gazette of August 21, 2020, extended the suspension of international flights for 30 additional calendar days, starting at 11:59 p.m. on August 22, 2020, for public health reasons.

Exceptions to this measure are the international flights of Commercial Passengers’ Aviation and General Passengers’ Aviation that operate under the rules, conditions and procedures established in Decree No. 300 of July 31, 2020, which establishes the Center of Controlled Operations, for the interconnection of International Commercial Aviation.

Copa Airlines confirms that it will maintain the flight operation announced for the months of August and September, through the Hub of the Americas, located in Panama City. These flights will operate under the rules, conditions and procedures established in the Executive Decree mentioned above.

For passengers with final destination Panama, the airline will follow the guidelines established in Resolution No.766 of August 13, 2020 of the Ministry of Health, which establishes health measures for passengers entering the Republic of Panama, while maintaining the State of National Emergency. In said document, the Executive Branch has defined the restrictions for the entry to the National territory of Panamanians and foreigners residing in Panama, in flights previously authorized by the Ministry of Health.

According to the mentioned Resolution, the following sanitary measures are established that must be complied with for the entrance to the Republic of Panama of Panamanians and foreign residents:

  • Present the Airline the Swab/PCR Test Certificate or negative antigens with a maximum of forty eight (48) hours prior to boarding the flight from the country of origin.
  • Sign an acceptance in the affidavit, provided by the Airline, by which the passenger agrees to
  • Comply with the health control measures and health protocols established by the National Government through the Ministry of Health.
  • The use of the application for monitoring the appearance of symptoms and confirmation of quarantine or other measures provided by the MINSA for the proper traceability of the passenger.
  • Provide the fixed telephone number of the residence where the quarantine will be carried out.

Nationals and residents of Panama who wish to travel on flights offered by Copa Airlines may make their reservations by visiting or by contacting the airline’s Reservation Center. Passengers who have a valid ticket may request a change of date without charge. All passengers must comply with the requirements established by the company and the health and immigration authorities of Panama and the country of destination.

Photo: Dani Sanchez / Wikinews