Volaris delays the restart of its operations in Central America until December.

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The Mexican airline Volaris confirmed that it will delay the resumption of its operations in Central America until December 1st.

In a statement, the company said that “At this time, true to its commitment to do so with certainty and at the lowest price for our customers, we have committed to restart operations in the region and from Central America to Mexico and the U.S., on December 1, 2020, provided that the commercial conditions for this are met”.

The firm added that its operation relies on the flow of passengers from Central American countries to and from Mexico and the U.S. to give economic viability to its operations.

So far, only Costa Rica has reopened its air operations, with restrictions, while Panama enabled only some connecting routes. Meanwhile, El Salvador will open its hub next week and expects to reopen its international operations on September 19.

According to the low cost airline, the opening dates and conditions are still being analyzed jointly with the authorities of the region. “We will keep our customers informed as soon as we can sell our itineraries with certainty. The date we consider most secure will be around December 1, 2020”, adds Volaris.

By José A. Barrera – El Mundo