Are you going to fly with Copa Airlines? Here we bring you the Biosafety measures implemented at each stage of the trip.

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The Panamanian airline Copa Airlines presented a series of videos that detail the hygiene and disinfection measures developed by the specialized committee on biosecurity for each stage of the passenger travel experience, following the recommendations of national health authorities and international organizations, as well as the best practices observed in the industry since the beginning of the pandemic.

In preparation for your trip:

Biosecurity begins at home, so prior to the day of travel, passengers are advised to consult the immigration and health requirements of the country of origin and destination. Similarly, 24 hours before the flight, check in at or through the mobile application and download your boarding pass.

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Passengers should consider bringing enough masks according to the length of the flight, and alcoholic gel according to the amounts allowed in hand luggage. It is recommended to arrive three hours before the departure of the flight to the airport.

Biosecurity measures in airports:

All the contact points in airports have protocols of constant hygiene and disinfection. The entrance to the airport will only be allowed for passengers with confirmed tickets, or with a companion in case they require assistance. Everyone, including employees, will have their temperature taken. The Airline reminds that the necessary physical distance must be kept in all rows.

Biosecurity measures in our aircraft:

Before each flight, the Airline’s personnel perform exhaustive cleaning in high contact areas and disinfect the entire interior of the aircraft with electrostatic guns. To limit contact, the printed version of the Panorama in-flight magazine has been eliminated. It will be available for download in October at

The service on board was simplified, adjusting it according to the duration of your flight. When entering the aircraft, the passenger will be given a travel kit with masks and alcoholic towels. For disembarkation, the passenger must remain seated until it is his turn to leave.

All Copa Airlines aircraft are equipped with high-efficiency filters (HEPA), which purify up to 99.97% of virus and bacteria particles, similar to an operating room. In addition, the cabin air recirculation system renews the air every 2 to 3 minutes and its vertical displacement prevents it from being shared with passengers on the sides and in front.

Health protocols for employees:

The airline has established a surveillance system with the objective of ensuring the safe return of its employees to the operation. All personnel returning to duty are given an antigenic swab test, along with an analysis of close contacts and medical history.

After their reinstatement, Copa Airlines continues to monitor the status of its employees through periodic health checks, including recurring random tests, temperature taking at entry points, among others.

Copa Airlines reminds its passengers that the use of a mask is required at all times. Those who wish to travel can learn about all the biosecurity measures implemented and the requirements that must be met in order to travel by accessing or through their official accounts on social networks.