Colombia: Bogota airport opens a laboratory for Covid-19 testing.

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The El Dorado International Airport, Colombia’s main airport, inaugurated its own laboratory on Wednesday to carry out coronavirus detection tests for travelers on domestic and international flights who require them, reports EFE.

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“I wanted to accompany the launch of the alliance between Opain (the International Airport Operator) and the Synlab laboratory to put into service the first in house laboratory at the airport to carry out PCR tests”, said the Minister of Transport, Angela María Orozco, in the presentation.

With this strategy, of which Colombia is a pioneer in the region, the authorities hope to guarantee the safety and tranquility of passengers because, as Orozco explained, “travel per se is not a source of contagion” if all biosecurity protocols are complied with.

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The “coronavirus test center” in El Dorado offers four types of diagnostic tests: antibody, antigen, PCR and Point of Care Testing (POCT).

“This facility was adequate in record time, today we are inaugurating it and here we serve the workers and also the travelers. This is a first in Colombia and I think it is easily accessible for travelers,” the executive director of Synlab in Colombia, Sandor Spakovszky, told Efe.

The diagnostic center has the capacity to process up to 2,000 tests daily, a figure that will increase thanks to a support plan designed by Synlab to meet the required demand.

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