Etihad Airways will use artificial intelligence to reduce food waste on its flights.

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Etihad Airways has announced an agreement with Lumitics, a Singaporean food technology company, to test the use of computer vision and maching learning to reduce food waste on all its flights, EuropaPress review.

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Thanks to this alliance, Etihad Airways will be able to track the food that has not been consumed on flights, specifically in its Economy Class.

The collated data will be used to establish food consumption and waste patterns across the airline’s network. These analyses will help reduce unnecessary food spending on your flights and improve menu planning, as well as reduce costs.

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“Insight Lite”, created by Lumitics, will keep track of the food not consumed on a plane once it has arrived at the destination airport. Through Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition, “Insight Lite” is able to differentiate and identify the types and quantities of unconsumed food, based on the design of the packages where the food comes from, without the need for human intervention.

Etihad Airways is a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has reaffirmed its commitment to reduce food waste to the UAE Food Waste Pledge, led by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

This pilot project with Lumitics is one of many sustainability-focused initiatives currently underway by the airline as part of its Etihad Greenliner program, designed to help improve operational efficiency and sustainable practices through support and partnerships with expert partners.