Italy appoints Alitalia management group, the first step towards nationalizing the company.

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The Italian government has appointed the Board of Directors that will manage the future nationalized Alitalia, a company that will have an initial state injection of 3,000 million euros and will have about 6,500 employees, reported last night the Ministry of Economy in a statement, reported EFE.

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The Italian ministry explained that the Board of Directors will consist of nine members, including Francesco Caio as president and Fabio Maria Lazzerini as CEO.

This concludes the bankruptcy administration of Alitalia, which had been managing the company since 2017 due to financial problems, and takes a step forward in its nationalization.

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The attention of Rome will now focus on the European Commission (EC), which must decide whether the two loans received by the airline of 900 and 400 million euros to ensure its operation during the insolvency proceedings did not constitute illegal state aid.

1.3 billion will have to be returned, but the burden will fall on the former Alitalia, which will become a kind of bad company.

The new airline, which will be called Italia Trasporto Aereo, Alitalia Ita, will have an injection of 3,000 million euros, already planned by the Italian government in April when it took this decision to make it public again to avoid its bankruptcy.

In Italy, the next steps are the following: once the new Board of Directors has been approved by decree, Parliament will have to study it within a period of 30 days, and then the company will have to design an industrial plan for the next five years.

It is expected to have about 90 aircraft and 6,500 employees, of the 11,000 it currently has.

The Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualteri, has considered this decision as “the first step towards the establishment of a quality Italian airline, capable of competing in the international market”.

For the national secretary of the Filt CGIL union, Fabrizio Cuscito, the appointment of the management group is fundamental, but the future of the almost 7,000 Alitalia employees who are currently on temporary unemployment, in a system to the Spanish temporary employment regulation (ERTE) file, remains a concern.

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