Qatar Airways announces its winter schedule with plans to expand the network to 124 destinations.

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Qatar Airways announced on Friday its winter flight schedule in response to demand from both passengers and cargo and the continued relaxation of entry restrictions in countries around the world.

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By the end of 2020, the airline plans to rebuild its network to 124 destinations, including 21 in Africa, 10 in the Americas, 42 in the Asia-Pacific regions, 38 in Europe and 13 in the Middle East.

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The group’s CEO, Akbar Al Baker, has assured that while no airline can predict 100% how the market will recover or future entry restrictions, the company’s experience during this crisis places them in a “unique” situation to build a realistic flight program “with complete confidence”.

“As we continue to rebuild our global network of destinations, we remain focused on providing seamless, safe and reliable connectivity to our millions of passengers and ensuring that we continue to earn their trust every time they choose to fly with Qatar Airways,” he said.

By EuropaPress

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