Airbus calls on Europe to resolve tariff dispute with US.

Guillaume Faury, the executive director of Airbus, called on the European Union to repair its shaky partnership with the United States, warning that the bloc risks being delayed while other regions recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

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“Asia is moving faster than the rest of the world,” Faury said Monday at Business Day 2020, a German economic forum. “I am really worried that we will emerge late and weakened”, Bloomberg reported.

EU-US trade tensions threaten to stall Airbus and its US rival Boeing Co. as they try to recover from the worst aviation crisis in history. Meanwhile, a new Asia-Pacific trade agreement shows the risks that Europe and the U.S. will continue to clash on trade issues rather than work together, Faury said.

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The Airbus chief executive said that while he agreed with the recent EU decision to impose retaliatory tariffs on US aircraft, a growing trade war “would not be good for Boeing, Airbus or the industry”.

US President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on aircraft and other products manufactured in the EU last year, widening a 16-year gap between the two dominant aircraft manufacturers. His defeat to Joe Biden in this month’s election has triggered calls for readjustment.

“It’s obvious that this conflict doesn’t help customers or the industry,” Faury said.

With blockades slowing air travel in Europe, the aerospace chief added his voice to calls for European governments to adopt airport tests rather than quarantine travelers. He said the tests were a safe and proven way to protect travelers and allow the industry to recover.

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