Union calls for protest against Interjet.

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Section 15 of the Mexican Workers’ Confederation (CTM), called for a peaceful protest against Interjet due to its failure to make payments to airline workers.

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In a call sent to the workers, the union section pointed out that the demonstration against the company will take place on November 3rd at the Interjet corporate facilities in the capital’s air port.

The decision to protest against the airline is motivated by the failure to fulfill at least five promises of payment to labor authorities.

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“By virtue of the fact that Interjet has not paid its employees their salaries and benefits for more than 2 months, despite having received requests for payment from the union representation (…) the union organization calls on all Interjet workers to carry out a peaceful protest,” states the document from which El Financiero had access.

Interjet has around five thousand workers in its labor plant who in recent months have not received their salaries on time and who have not been paid some benefits, such as food vouchers.

The airline also faces seizure trials with the tax authorities; a 90 percent reduction in its operating fleet, in addition to a drop in the volume of passengers transported by a similar percentage.

Debts, lawsuits, the inconvenience of its employees and a 150 million dollar investment that has not been able to be capitalized on have diminished the company’s chances of getting out of the turbulence, not counting the thousands of passengers who have filed collective and individual complaints to seek to recover the cost of their tickets.

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