Argentine government requests reduce flights to U.S., Europe, Brazil and Mexico.

The Government of Argentina has requested to limit flights with the United States, Europe, Brazil and Mexico as a measure against the increase of coronavirus cases in the country.

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Authorities have sent a letter to the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) in which they have asked airlines to cut weekly connections with Brazil by half and by 30 percent those to or from the United States, Europe and Mexico, EuropaPress reported.

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This measure will take effect as of February 1, although it is a formalization and guarantee because the reduction of passengers on these routes has already been in place since the beginning of the pandemic.

Thus, this new rule seeks to contain the spread of the virus, which in the last day has left 10,409 new cases, which have raised to 1,885,210 the accumulated positives since the beginning of the pandemic, as reported by the Ministry of Health.

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