Requirements for entering and leaving Colombia.

Through resolution 532 of December 31, 2020, the Colombian Ministry of Health announced that PCR tests will again be required with negative results for all international travelers, El Tiempo reported.

What is needed to enter Colombia?

You must have the PCR test with negative result issued at most 96 hours before the flight, whether Colombian or foreign. In addition, before boarding you must report your health status in the Check-Mig application. (fill out the form)

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Since when is PCR testing required?

Resolution 0002 of 2021 grants a term, fixing the taking of the PCR test in Colombia as of January 12, 2021.

Should children be tested?

Yes, all travelers, without distinction, must take the test, starting at age zero.

What happens if you have any symptoms of coronavirus?

People with respiratory symptoms or fever will not be able to board the plane.

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What do I do if I cannot have the PCR test?

According to Resolution 002, travelers who do not present a negative PCR test result in their country of origin must be allowed to board the plane only when they state that they had difficulties in taking the test or obtaining the result within the stipulated time for the flight. In these cases, the traveler is informed that once he or she enters the country, the PCR test must be carried out and he or she must be kept in preventive isolation for fourteen days. The isolation may be terminated earlier if the PCR test result is negative. It can also be extended by epidemiological criteria.

Travelers must verbally state that they had difficulties to take the test or to obtain the result in the required term before the flight; for these purposes the verbal statement of the passenger will be enough, which will be understood as made under oath.

The value of the PCR test and the costs of preventive isolation will be borne by the traveler. The Secretary of Health of the place of disembarkation and/or destination will be in charge of verifying that the traveler keeps the preventive isolation.

Will they follow up on those who enter the country?

Yes, the monitoring will be in charge of the municipal or district Health Secretariats, as well as of the EPS, and Migration Colombia will continue sending to these dependencies the list of travelers who enter the country daily.

You must report to your EAPB or to the municipal or district Health Secretariat of your place of stay or residence and to the airline if during the 14 days following your trip you present symptoms associated with covid-19 and follow the measures indicated.

What is required to leave Colombia?

You must fill out the Check-Mig application form. You must also comply with the requirements established by the country of destination.

Do children have to wear masks during the flight?

Yes, the use of a mask is mandatory for all persons over two years of age, both at the airport facilities and on the aircraft during the entire trip. It should cover the nose to the chin and should not be removed.

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