Boeing starts year with 26 aircraft deliveries and four orders.

Boeing delivered 26 aircraft in January, boosted by the resumption of 737 MAX flights, and also won four new orders for its 747-8 freighters.

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Deliveries of the MAX are seen as critical to Boeing’s financial recovery in 2021, after a sharp drop in demand for its widebody aircraft due to the coronavirus crisis compounded the company’s problems last year, Reuters reviewed.

Boeing, which books revenue after actual deliveries, said it delivered 21 737 MAX aircraft last month, along with a P8 military jet and four wide-body planes.

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Intense inspections over recent production failures have compounded delays stemming from the COVID-19 crisis for the 787, the second-largest cash generator for Boeing after the 737 MAX.

After January deliveries, Boeing has an estimated total of about 400 737 MAX aircraft in storage, down from about 450 at the end of November.

Atlas Air’s four gross orders for 747-8 freighters had already been announced.

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