Etihad Airways, the first to vaccinate 100% its pilots and flight attendent.

Etihad Airways has become the first airline in the world to have all its pilots and flight attendent vaccinated to help curb the spread of COVID-19 and give peace of mind to passengers traveling with the airline.

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“We have proactively made the vaccine available to all our employees, not only to help combat the effects of COVID-19, but so that travelers can feel safe and reassured the next time they fly with us, said Tony Douglas, Etihad Aviation Group CEO.

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This achievement has been made possible by Etihad’s “Protected Together” employee vaccination initiative, which was formally launched in January this year. Based on the UAE’s “Choose to Vaccinate” campaign, “Protected Together” seeks to help staff take proactive and personal steps to protect themselves against COVID-19.

“Following the national vaccination program, we are working tirelessly to become an approved COVID-19 vaccination clinic to support our staff, and their dependents, be able to easily access the vaccine. From December 2020, we will offer in-house vaccination appointments to our employees and their loved ones to ensure that we focus on the well-being of our employees,” said Dr. Nadia Bastaki, Vice President, Medical Services and CSR, Etihad Aviation Group.

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