Volotea moving towards a 100% Airbus fleet.

Volotea announced Tuesday that it is retiring its fourteen Boeing 717s early, which will be replaced by between 15 and 19 Airbus A320s.

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The fleet renewal is part of Volotea’s ongoing review of its strategic, financial and operational plans in the context of the crisis generated by the COVID 19 pandemic. The airline has already ordered 15 A320s, to which it will add 4 more depending on last-minute demand during the summer.

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By becoming a 100% Airbus operator, Volotea will benefit from multiple strategic and operational advantages, such as a single pilot license, lower maintenance costs, simplified scheduling, easier monitoring and auditing of all areas – especially safety issues – and volume advantages in supplier relations.

“We are very pleased with this transition to a 100% Airbus fleet. As a European airline we are very interested in having Airbus as a fleet partner in the long term. We will continue to grow in line with our strategy of connecting medium and small European cities, with a more modern and competitive aircraft type, the Airbus A320, which has 20-25% lower operating costs than the previous B717s it replaces,” commented Carlos Muñoz, Founder and CEO of Volotea.

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