San Juan airport terminals reopen after false explosives alarm.

Authorities reopened this Friday morning the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after terminals B and C were evacuated following the activation of the explosives protocol.

However, after about an hour and a half of protocol activation, authorities determined that it was a false alarm.

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The situation developed after a Puerto Rico Police canine flagged as positive for explosives a suitcase that a female traveler left unattended near the American Airlines check-in area.

Aerostar press spokeswoman Damarisse Martínez told El Nuevo Día that the woman returned to the airport to look for her suitcase, but by that time the explosives protocol had already been activated.

“A woman left the suitcase unattended and they identified her, but in the course of her retrieving the suitcase, the police canines marked it as positive and the protocol was activated. The lady says that she has nothing explosive in the suitcase, but we have to follow the protocol”, explained Martinez via telephone.

Flights were not cancelled, but there was a delay in passenger check-in at terminals B and C of the airport.

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