Return 737 Max boosts Boeing’s quarterly sales.

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Boeing reported Tuesday that it delivered 29 aircraft in March, up from 20 a year earlier, and the U.S. plane maker’s net orders remain positive for the second straight month as airlines prepare to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The manufacturer said it recorded gross orders for 196 aircraft in March, all of them for its 737 family of aircraft. Net of cancellations, Boeing received 40 net orders for MAX airplanes last month.

Boeing said its March gross orders include the 100 previously announced 737 MAX orders for Southwest and 24 MAX orders for private investment firm 777 Partners and 11 orders for P8 military aircraft.

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Turkish Airlines cancelled 10 orders for 737 MAX aircraft in March and converted 40 orders for these aircraft into options.

China’s CDB Financial scrapped 16 737 MAX orders last month and China Aircraft Leasing canceled 26 MAX orders.

Alaska Air and United Airlines respectively recontracted nine and 25 737 MAX orders last month for earlier delivery positions.

Nineteen 737 MAX orders were canceled by unidentified customers in March.

Boeing’s first-quarter gross orders were 282 aircraft. Net of cancellations and conversions, Boeing’s net orders were 76 airplanes in the first quarter ended March.

The company delivered a total of 77 airplanes in the first quarter, up from 50 a year earlier. Boeing resumed deliveries of 787 airplanes at the end of March after a four-month hiatus due to production defects.

Boeing’s official backlog increased to 4,054 airplanes in March, up from 4,041 orders in February.

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