SKY Airline celebrates 2 years operations in Peru.

SKY Airline celebrated the second anniversary of its arrival in Peru, democratizing the Peruvian skies and promoting the economic reactivation of the region, through an innovative operating strategy and very affordable prices, while complying with all the biosecurity measures established by the government and the World Health Organization.

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“Two years ago, SKY Airline arrived to revolutionize air transportation in Peru and, thanks to a unique combination of low prices, safe flights and quality service, we know we are succeeding. During this period, we have sought to maintain very economical fares, despite the harsh impact we have suffered due to the health crisis. This has allowed us to consolidate our position as the second airline with the most passengers in the country, and to continue offering safe transportation for Peruvians who need to travel,” said José Raúl Vargas, general manager of SKY in Peru.

Since the start of operations in April 2019, the airline has transported more than 2.1 million travelers in the country, of which 52% corresponds to travelers in 2019, 37% in 2020 and the rest so far in 2021.

The airline maintains operations to 12 domestic destinations: Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cusco, Iquitos, Juliaca, Lima, Piura, Pucallpa, Puerto Maldonado, Tarapoto, Trujillo and Tumbes. In addition, in 2021 it has inaugurated 2 interregional routes between Cusco and Puerto Maldonado, and between Tarapoto and Iquitos.

According to José Raúl Vargas, given the complex scenario of 2020, the low-cost model has proven to be the right one, as more people prioritize the economic factor, safety and speed over other elements. This has allowed them to obtain 17% of the market, consolidating their position as the second airline with more passengers in Peru and one of the most stable airlines in the region.

Additionally, this year, SKY has been recognized by the Swiss company CH-Aviation as the airline with the newest fleet in the region and is ranked second in the world. All its Airbus A320neo aircraft have HEPA filters, capable of trapping microscopic particles and changing all the air in the cabin every 3 minutes, achieving the same hygiene standards of a medical operating room.

After having completed 2 years in Peru, its second domestic operations base; José Raúl Vargas, general manager says he is very satisfied with the results and announces that the airline will continue to bet on Peru.

“We are celebrating 2 years of having started the sky revolution in our country. More than 2.1 million passengers have already flown with us, enjoying the newest fleet in Latin America and excellent service. We continue to keep our commitment to Peru’s connectivity alive, which is why, despite the pandemic, we are planning the arrival of more aircraft and the evaluation of new domestic and international routes”.

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