Boeing achieves record $2 billion from online sales in 2021.

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Boeing announced Monday that it achieved a record $2 billion in e-commerce sales in fiscal 2021, in which it reported losses for the third consecutive year but began to rebound from the 737 Max and pandemic crises.

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In a statement, the leading U.S. aerospace company highlighted its “continued investment” in digital tools, which has led it to sell a total of nearly 70,000 parts through its e-commerce site to commercial and government customers.

Commercial sales totaled $1.5 billion, indicating “a steady recovery of the digital segment amid pandemic difficulties,” the company added in the release.

Boeing shelled out that its online revenue was up 15% and orders were up 20% over 2019 data, so it has surpassed pre-pandemic levels, and attributed this among other things to its new website, live chat and “online knowledge center,” EFE reported.

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Ted Colbert, the top executive of Boeing’s Global Services segment, said at the Singapore Air Show that the e-sales milestone is a “capstone” to its annual results and highlighted the company’s contribution to “the industry’s recovery and growth.”

Meanwhile, Vice President of Distribution and Supply Chain Services William Ampofo said the airline has focused on realigning strategy, program and product line management with supply chain and customer service to streamline its process.

Boeing lost $4.202 billion cumulatively in 2021, down 65% from when it posted its largest-ever deficit in 2020, while its cumulative revenue rose 7% year-over-year, helped by more than doubling the number of airplanes it delivered to customers.