Volotea to add six Airbus A320s to its fleet by 2022

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Volotea will increase its fleet this year by adding 6 Airbus A320 to its existing fleet, enabling the airline to reinforce its commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Volotea will operate its network this year with 6 more Airbus A320 (including 3 stand-by AC to ensure operational integrity) which will allow it to improve its cost structure in the next 2-3 years and to achieve an increase in supply thanks to the new aircraft having a greater capacity and a longer flight range.

Volotea will launch its largest seat and route offering by 2022.

The transition to a full-Airbus fleet last year, as well as the commitment to the A320 model, will allow Volotea to make its operations cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

“We are very proud to increase our fleet with 6 more Airbus A320. As a European company we are very keen to count on Airbus as our long-term fleet partner. This year we will continue growing on our strategy of connecting mid and small European cities and launching our largest-ever offer on the market with over 11 million seats on sale, and the opening of two new bases in France. By growing our fleet with more modern aircraft, we will increase our competitiveness and take advantage of sizeable opportunities as we move forward, while becoming more responsible in protecting the environment”, commented Carlos Muñoz, founder and CEO of Volotea.

Volotea will connect Menorca with Lyon starting in May.

This year, Volotea will increase its capacity almost 40 percent compared to 2019, when it offered 8 million seats. The airline expects to carry between 9 and 9.5 million passengers in 2022, which is about 32 percent more than its all-time record in 2019, when it carried 7.6 million passengers. It expects to reach 1,630 employees in summer. The impact of Volotea’s growth will also mean the creation of 45 new routes, the opening of two new bases in France, reaching a total of 19, and an estimated operation of almost 70,000 flights compared to 40,500 in 2021 and almost 58,000 in 2019, close to 18 percent more.