El Dorado, first airport on the continent to integrate an Ecobot

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In order to continue advancing in the fight against climate change, El Dorado and Interaseo – the company in charge of cleaning at the terminal – have made available to airport visitors the first ECOBOT in the continent, a sustainable technology device that will take another step towards the airport’s goal of reducing emissions by 57% by 2028.

ECOBOT is a robot designed with autonomous navigation software, adaptable to different environments to perform cleaning tasks more efficiently, using less water, energy and resources in its operation, thus minimizing the environmental impact.

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Thus, this sustainable technology device contributes to the reduction in the consumption of 2,000 liters of water each month; contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases in 1.19 tons of carbon per month and improving the efficiency and cleanliness of the terminal by reducing the operating time to 7,800 m2 in 8 hours.

In the words of Mauricio Velez, Infrastructure Manager of Opain, “In El Dorado we work to generate relevant connections from sustainability and innovation, and thus respond to the demands of the new world. With the entry into operation of this robot we become the first airport in the continent to adopt this technology, which allows us to be at the height of large air terminals around the world. Our goal is to provide El Dorado’s users with safer and cleaner spaces, hand in hand with technological innovation.

In this regard, Juan Manuel Gómez, Interaseo’s General Manager said “With the new technology, added to our knowledge and human resources, we strengthen our corporate market operation and prepare ourselves to face the challenges of the industry in a sustainable way”.

In this way, El Dorado and Interaseo contribute to reduce the terminal’s carbon footprint through the implementation of innovative initiatives, where technology becomes a fundamental ally to generate a positive environmental impact in the face of the needs of the new world, while improving the experience of travelers who pass through the terminal daily.