Mexico: Interjet declared in bankruptcy

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Saúl Martínez Lira, second judge of the District for Commercial Bankruptcy Matters in Mexico City, declared ABC Aerolíneas, a company known as Interjet, an airline that stopped operating in December 2020 due to its debts with the Tax Administration Service, in commercial bankruptcy. (SAT) and other agencies of the federal government.

The process must allow the airline to reconcile the debts with its creditors.

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“The request made by Aguilar Amilpa Abogados is appropriate, so on August 29, 2022, the merchant ABC Aerolíneas is declared insolvent,” said the judge of the Federal Judiciary Council.

The attorney for the Judicial Power of the Federation ordered ABC Aerolineas to immediately make available to the bankruptcy conciliator the books, records and other documents of the company, as well as the necessary resources to pay for the publications and registration expenses provided for in the Commercial Bankruptcy Law, Forbes reported.

He also ordered the airline founded by the Miguel Alemán family and today managed by Alejandro del Valle de la Vega to allow the conciliator and, where appropriate, the intervenors, to carry out the activities of their positions.

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“ABC Airlines is ordered to suspend payment of debts contracted prior to the date on which this bankruptcy ruling begins to take effect, except for those that are essential for the ordinary operation of the company,” he added.

The judge declared the conciliation stage open for 185 calendar days, counted from the publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation of this resolution, in terms of the provisions of article 145 of the Commercial Insolvency Law.

The resolution also indicates that, since Interjet is a company with a concession for the transport of cargo, passengers and mail, the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport must provide a conciliator for the process.

In this regard, Carlos del Valle, deputy director of the airline, indicated that it is a “great day for the entire Interjet family”, since this will help them strengthen the financial position of the company, protect and preserve assets, as well as order your liabilities.

“This makes us very happy, once the person who is going to be our conciliator is appointed, we are going to ask that the contracting of essential credit be authorized,” said the manager.

Likewise, he specified that they will soon announce the steps to follow to attend to people who had a problem with tickets and customers who have some inconvenience.

By: Enrique Hernandez and Roberto Noguez