Another Qantas aircraft suffers a technical problem in mid-flight

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An Australian airline Qantas flight from Sydney to Fiji had to return Thursday to its point of departure “as a precaution” a day after a plane of the same company issued an emergency signal in mid-flight.

The plane, a Boeing 737-800, landed normally at Sydney airport at 09:00 local time, according to the Flight Radar website, which monitors flights around the world.

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“Our flight from Sydney to Fiji has returned to Sydney as a precaution after the pilots received a fault indication of a potential mechanical problem,” a Qantas spokesman told Australian state television.

The incident comes a day after another Qantas flight, a Boeing 737-800, from New Zealand to Sydney sent an emergency signal mid-flight due to the failure of one of its engines and emergency services were deployed as a precaution, although the flight landed without injury, reported EFE.