For third day in a row, two Qantas aircraft experience technical problems in flight

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Two flights of the Australian airline Qantas, which departed from Melbourne, had to return to the airport shortly after takeoff due to technical problems, making a total of four similar incidents in three days.

Flight QF430, bound for Sydney, took off at 9:40 local time from Melbourne’s Tullamarine International Airport, where it had to return about 10 minutes after starting the journey, according to FlightRadar24, which monitors flights around the world in real time.

According to a Qantas statement, published by local news agency AAP, the Boeing 737 returned to the departure airport as a “precautionary measure” after the pilots were alerted to a “minor” engine problem.

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About half an hour later, flight QJE1516, bound from Melbourne to Canberra, also had to turn around “as a precaution” after a “flap problem” was detected, in this case a Boeing 717, reported EFE.

This is the fourth incident involving an Australian airline plane in the last three days, after the pilots of a Boeing 737-800 bound from Auckland (New Zealand) to Sydney sent out a mid-flight emergency alert on Tuesday due to the failure of one of the engines.

That incident led to the deployment of emergency services as a precaution, although the aircraft landed without major complications.

A day later, another Boeing 737-800, flying from Sydney to Fiji, had to return to the city of origin amid a “fault indication of a potential mechanical problem,” a spokesman for Qantas, Australia’s largest airline, told state-run ABC television.

Photo: Chris Finney/Wikimedia