SKY Airline begins procedures to operate domestic flights in Ecuador

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SKY Airline confirmed this Friday that it has initiated procedures with the Ecuadorian authorities to operate domestic flights. However, it specified that this process is in its initial phase and that at the moment there is no date for the start of operations.

Press release from SKY:

The process of requesting permission and frequency allocation in Ecuador, through our branch Fly Airline Ecuador Flyair S.A.S, is in an initial phase, without a definite date to start operations. Currently we are still evaluating the potential routes and frequencies to be flown.

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SKY Airline is constantly evaluating opportunities in the international market, and in this context, Ecuador is a market of interest, as well as other opportunities that are explored in the region on a regular basis.

We appreciate the positive reaction to the possibility of our entry into the Ecuadorian market, and we will report in detail when decisions are made regarding the eventual start of operations in this market.