Southwest Airlines plans customer experience enhancements and modernization of brand elements

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Southwest Airlines is onboarding a new look and feel with plans for redesigned aircraft cabin conveniences and interiors that are distinctly Southwest and will feature new aircraft seats. Alongside these efforts, the airline announces an Employee uniform refresh that will bring a modern look to more than 53,000 Southwest Employees.

New Interior Design and Seats to Enhance Cabin Comfort

Southwest Airlines partnered with Tangerine, a leading design company that specializes in transportation, to create an updated cabin interior for new aircraft deliveries beginning next year. The design is based on extensive research covering Customer and Employee perceptions of color, comfort, and their aspirations for the overall onboard experience. The design brings to life Southwest’s warm energy with deep blue tones, sky blue accents, and a nod to the Southwest Heart woven throughout the carpet.

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As part of this refresh, Customer research and product testing guided Southwest to select the global supplier of premium aircraft seats, RECARO, to provide comfortable seating that complements the calm blue palette planned for the refreshed cabins. The Southwest Heart will be threaded throughout the interior with the recognizable symbol debossed on seat headrests, alongside a sunray pattern on the seats.

“Southwest flies above our competition with industry-leading flexibility and our legendary Hospitality,” said Tony Roach, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Southwest Airlines. “Our redesigned cabin interior significantly enhances our inflight Customer experience and will complement the amazing service that our Crews provide.”

The new RECARO seats include a multi-adjustable headrest cushion for enhanced head and neck support, an intuitively designed seat for ultimate comfort while maximizing seat width and overall support. The upgrades continue as each seat also will include a personal electronic device holder for Customers to enjoy free1 Inflight Entertainment on their devices more easily.

Newly-Designed Employee Uniforms Will Also Take to the Sky

A Uniform Inspiration Team with 75 Southwest Employees is working alongside current apparel vendor, Design Collective by Cintas, and uniform brand consultant and fashion stylist, Bonnie Markel, to develop the new look for Southwest Employees who work in and around airports, including Inflight Operations, Ground Operations, Cargo, and Technical Operations.