Air France, KLM and Brussels Airlines among carriers investigated for “greenwashing” practices

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Air France, KLM and Brussels Airlines are among 20 airlines being investigated by the European Union for potentially misleading greenwashing practices, the airlines told Reuters.

The EU said airlines needed to make clear to what extent claims that the CO2 emissions caused by a flight could be offset by climate projects or through the use of sustainable fuels can be substantiated based on sound scientific evidence.

“Air France confirms having received a letter from the European Commission. The company is currently reviewing its contents and will study the follow-up to be taken,” a spokesperson said.

Lufthansa, Air France-KLM to cut costs after tough first quarter

The Lufthansa Group said in a statement that it naturally deals with every complaint it receives and that it is examining it carefully.

A spokesperson for KLM said the Dutch part of the Air France-KLM airline group had also received a letter from the commission.

Industry group Airlines for Europe (A4E) said in a statement that it recognises the importance of clear information about sustainability, but said that current regulations in the EU “vary significantly between countries and are still evolving”.

The EU has said it will not disclose the names of the airlines as long as they are at a preliminary stage of the investigation.