Wingo to operate 5,183 flights during the mid-year holiday season

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Wingo is preparing for the mid-year peak holiday season, which formally began with the first holidays in June and will last until the end of August 2024. During these months of intense demand, the company expects to transport close to 900 thousand travelers on its network of 35 routes, which represents an 8% growth compared to the high season of 2023.

The airline will make available to travelers more than 980 thousand seats in 5,183 flights. These figures represent a 9% increase in capacity in its operation, supported mainly by the growth of flights in the Colombian domestic market, as well as in international beach destinations that require an increase in supply during this time of the year.

The company estimates an occupancy factor close to 90% on average throughout its route network for these weeks of high demand. Particularly noteworthy is the increase in travel to San Andres, Cartagena and Santa Marta, the main vacation destinations in the interior of Colombia. In fact, the airline will offer 26% more seats in this market, vs. the same period in 2023, with a total of 579 thousand seats.

Wingo closes first four-month period with more than one million passengers transported

“At Wingo we are ready to be the low-cost airline with the most relevant operation in this mid-year holiday season. We will transport close to 900,000 passengers on more than 5,000 flights, which represents an increase in both supply and demand. We will continue to be committed to offering low-cost seats in the Colombian market, with an increasingly relevant and representative operational exercise,” said Jorge Jiménez, Wingo’s Vice President of Commercial and Planning.

More than 300 additional flights

The airline has added 318 flights to its offer between June and August 2024 with a special focus on the Colombian domestic market. Most of these additional flights are located precisely on the routes that connect with the Colombian coastal destinations, with Bogotá – Santa Marta, Bogotá – Cartagena, Medellín – Santa Marta and Medellín – Cartagena being the routes that will benefit the most from the increase in capacity.

As for the international network, the airline will also implement capacity additions during peak demand weeks to beach destinations such as Punta Cana, Aruba and Cancun.