Pilot miscalculation almost caused an accident on an Easyjet plane, according to a report.

An EasyJet airplane, with 167 passengers, almost caused a serious accident after the pilots miscalculated the length of the runway. The aircraft, which left Lisbon for Manchester, England, took off when only 110 meters of runway remained, according to a report released this week.

According to the Daily Mail, the local Air Accident Investigation Agency said in the published report that the “extent of the error” made could have resulted in “serious damage to the aircraft and its occupants”.

The document also noted that the pilots noticed something bad when they saw red and white lights alternating in the last 900 metres of the runway, but even before that, they did not activate the command to anticipate the flight.

According to the document, the pilots were “interrupted on numerous occasions during flight preparation,” which may have contributed to the mistakes made.

Investigators who made the report also indicated that two very similar incidents – and from the same company – occurred in Lisbon in April and May of last year.

According to a company spokesman, the pilots followed all the recommendations given for the flight and worked to improve the software updates used on the planes as indicated in the document.

“The pilots followed the normal procedures for take-off and the flight took off without incident. We continue to work with industry partners to examine possible technical developments, including the software updates mentioned in the report on which we have already taken action, to help prevent a recurrence of such events”.