Argentina could resume regular domestic and international flights on October 1st.

Argentina’s Minister of Transport, Mario Meoni, announced this Monday that “we are thinking about October 1st” as the date to resume regular flights, both domestic and international, and for that purpose we are already working on the corresponding protocols.

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Meoni has warned, however, that the flow of travelers will be conditioned by the opening of international borders and the decision taken by the provinces in this regard, according to the Argentine news agency Télam.

“Logically, the people that will travel in the first flights will not be many because the restrictions that exist regarding the international borders will continue to be in force and also what each province establishes for its internal movement and the dispositions on social isolation”, he has explained.

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“The final decision will be taken in line with the Ministry of Health and following the guidelines that President Alberto Fernandez has established from the beginning, as the priority is the safety and health of people,” he stressed.

As for international flights, it is likely “that in the first instance we are opening with Uruguay and Paraguay and later with Chile and Brazil, also depending on the decision taken by the other countries.

By Notimerica

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