Colombia: Viva Air is being investigated for violating the right to free choice of travelers

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The superintendent of transport, Camilo Pabón, revealed that an investigation was initiated against the airline Viva Air, for allegedly violating the right to free choice of travelers, and incurring in abusive clauses within its terms and conditions, RCN Radio Review.

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The complaints include apparently abusive restrictions to use the vouchers that users received as refunds for services not used during the pandemic.

If found responsible, the airline could be fined up to two thousand monthly legal minimum wages for each charge, according to the Supertransport.

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“The Superintendence of Transportation through its Delegation for the Protection of Users of the Transportation Sector, after analyzing 23 complaints filed by users of the air sector, was able to evidence that the airline Fast Colombia S.A.S. (Viva Air) would allegedly be violating the right to free choice of service,” said Pabón.

For its part, the airline Viva Air stated that “once it was notified, it took the corresponding actions to carry out the respective discharges in an agile manner and thus provide an optimal solution to this process”.

They indicated that “out of 178,000 vouchers generated, the investigation is focused on 16 cases in which we are working to find a solution”.

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