KLM Catering Services uses innovative robot for food production.

KLM president Pieter Elbers officially opened the new World Business Class food production robot at KLM Catering Services (KCS). The company is the only one in the world to use such a robot.

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The new robot system reduces handling costs and facilitates the process of adjusting the food trays. This not only makes production cheaper, but also more flexible and customer-oriented, as more products can be covered on different types of trays. Special requirements of passengers can be met more easily. The production is also twice as big as the previous system, i.e. 30,000 units.

“The launch of this robot at KCS takes place in a Covid19 reality that we could not imagine when we made this decision a few years ago. A good piece of innovation and investment in the future. Now we only use a fraction of the 30,000 meal capacity per day. However, I am glad we are taking this step. After all, we must continue to innovate and look to the future,” said Elbers.

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