Qantas sells the Boeing 747 trolleys full of appetizers for 890 euros.

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The drop in air traffic and, therefore, in the income of the companies in the sector, has caused the airlines and their suppliers to start selling part of their inventory to make some extra money.

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Thus, Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific have turned to selling in-flight meals as independent products, and GNS Foods, a supplier to United Airlines, has put the excess nuts on sale at bargain prices at the end of August.

Qantas, however, has outdone them all. After withdrawing its fleet of Boeing 747s, the Australian airline has decided to sell the trolleys that once boarded the Queen of the Skies. And not only has it offered the metal and plastic structure: it has also filled them with alcohol, candy and salty snacks, among other things, Business Insider reported.

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In addition to 160 miniature bottles of wine, two bottles of champagne and various snacks, Qantas has placed kits with the products it normally provides to be more comfortable on long flights, two first-class blankets and four sets of pajamas in the trolleys.

Qantas has valued the trolleys at 1,474 Australian dollars each, just over 890 euros at current exchange rates, and they are all already sold.

It seems that many aviation fanatics are willing to spend all that money to equip the bars in their homes or make their flight simulators a little more realistic, even if they show the normal wear and tear expected from a car that has made countless trips down the aisle.

Qantas has also tried to shore up their coffers by selling first-class pajamas along with flights to nowhere that land right where they started.