Italy launches first Europe-US free Covid flights.

Italy will launch its first coronavirus-free air corridor to the United States with passengers declared negative to covid-19, circumventing the quarantine requirement for new arrivals.

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Rome’s Fiumicino airport indicated on Thursday that it had signed an agreement with the Italian airline and the US company Delta Air Lines to carry out these special flights between some US cities and the Italian capital, starting next month, reported AFP.

Similar flights will be organized between Rome and Munich and Frankfurt, according to this source.

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Since September, domestic flights “free” of coronavirus have been running between Rome and the financial capital Milan.

The first experimental flights from the United States to Rome “will be progressively offered to passengers from December”, says the press release from Aeroporti di Roma (ADR).

“The experimental phase will aim to evaluate the effectiveness and functionality of the new travel mode, to increase its availability before the summer season (Boreal) of 2021” adds the source.

ADR foresees that passengers arriving in this way from airports in the United States will be able to avoid the mandatory quarantine imposed on travelers coming from this country, if they have carried out a test 48 before starting their journey, and another after landing in Rome.

The Roman airport offers rapid antigen tests for passengers, with a known result in 30 minutes.

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