An EVA Air pilot is dismissed for COVID case in Taiwan.

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The Taiwanese company EVA Airways Corp on Wednesday fired a New Zealand pilot whom the government blames for the first case of local transmission of COVID-19 on the island since April 12 for not following disease prevention rules.

Taiwan has kept the pandemic well under control thanks to early and effective prevention methods and the widespread use of masks.

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But the government was shaken by Tuesday’s announcement of the domestic infection of a woman friend of a New Zealand pilot who was confirmed to have been infected earlier this week while flying to the United States, Reuters reported.

The case has ignited public anger, as a Taiwanese television station called the pilot a “public enemy”, after the government said that he had not reported all his contacts and the places he had been, nor had he worn a face mask in the cockpit when he should have.

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EVA Air said that a meeting of its disciplinary committee had determined that the pilot had violated government regulations, including the disease transmission law, and had decided to fire him, with immediate effect.

“EVA Air has always complied with the government’s epidemic prevention policies, and most of the crew members also followed the epidemic prevention regulations. However, the behavior of one individual employee has undermined everyone’s epidemic prevention efforts,” said the airline.

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