Canton airport displaces Atlanta as the world’s busiest airport.

The airport in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has unseated U.S.-based Atlanta as the world’s busiest airport in 2020, with 43.77 million passengers last year, as a result of the impact of the covid pandemic.

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Data published by Canton Baiyun International Airport on Tuesday on its website show that this important air hub in the south of the Asian country snatched the crown from Atlanta despite having reduced its number of passengers by more than 40% during the past year, according to EFE.

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The displacement was largely due to a slump in passengers at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which in 2020 was 61.17% less than the previous year, some 42.9 million in total.

Atlanta had held the record as the world’s busiest airport for 22 years, thanks in part to its status as the home base for major U.S. airline Delta, but pandemic-related restrictions on international mobility have taken their toll on that sector as well.

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