Air France and Airbus are requested to prosecuted for crash flight AF447.

Paris prosecutors have requested that Air France and Airbus be tried on involuntary manslaughter charges over the 2009 crash of flight AF447 between Rio de Janeiro and Paris, which killed all 228 people on board, a judicial source told Reuters.

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An appeals court hearing to decide on the prosecutor’s request has been set for March 4, the source added Wednesday, confirming an earlier report by Le Parisien newspaper that was published on its website.

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French judges in 2019 dropped charges against Air France and European manufacturer Airbus over the crash, saying the pilots had lost control of the plane.

French investigators found that the crew of flight AF447 mishandled the loss of speed readings from sensors jammed with ice from a storm, and caused the aircraft to stall by holding the nose too high.

According to Le Parisien, the Paris prosecutor now claims there were “reprehensible infractions” by Air France, particularly in crew training, and says Airbus underestimated the risks posed by sensor icing.

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