Serious incident reported with two planes over Caribbean Sea.

Two planes, one from Air France and one from American Airlines, came dangerously close to a collision in mid-December, the Aviation Herald reported Thursday.

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The incident occurred Dec. 13 over the Caribbean Sea while an Air France Boeing 777-300 was flying from Paris to Lima, Peru, while an American Airlines B737-800 was en route from St. George, Grenada to Miami. The Air France was flying at a flight level of 36,000 feet and climbing to 38,000, while American’s plane was already flying at 38,000 feet. Both planes were flying about 220 nautical miles south of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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The planes were on a trajectory that converged at an almost right angle.

The Traffic and Collision Avoidance Alert System (TCAS) was activated on both jets.

Immediately the American Airlines flight was instructed to climb to 38,800 feet while the Air France plane descended to 37,400 as the B737 crossed the intersection about four nautical miles ahead of the B777 to avoid a collision.

After being cleared of the conflict, both planes continued to their respective destinations without further incident.

The Venezuelan Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Board (JIAAC) qualified the event as a serious incident and opened an investigation.

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