Orly airport in Paris temporarily closes its terminal 4.

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The Parisian airport of Orly closed temporarily this Monday night and until further notice its terminal 4 by a decrease in air traffic due to the pandemic, accentuated by the recent closure of French borders to countries outside the European Union (EU).

An airport spokeswoman told EFE that the reopening of the terminal has no date and is subject to the evolution of the situation.

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The decision to ban all travel with countries outside the European Union in either direction, unless a “compelling” reason can be justified, came into force on January 31 in France and was taken with the aim of avoiding a third confinement in the country.

Orly had already closed terminal 1 due to the reduction in traffic and is keeping terminals 2 and 3 open, although the spokeswoman said it will continue to use the boarding infrastructures of terminal 4 when necessary.

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