Norwegian retires all 737 MAXs from its fleet.

Norwegian is retiring all of its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to focus solely on the 737NG, the airline’s CFO Geir Karlsen told E24 in an interview.

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The airline had reported a few weeks ago that it would reduce its 737 MAX fleet, but changed its mind and will now retire them all.

In 2012, the airline placed a firm order for 100 737 MAX aircraft, of which it only received 18.

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Norwegian has also kept all of its 787 Boeings in storage since March 2020. Initially, the company will not resume operations with any large aircraft, maintaining operations only with the 737-800.

In addition, the airline recently cancelled a large Airbus aircraft order for A320neo and A321LR aircraft.

The airline is currently undergoing a restructuring process, which forced it to downsize in order to survive.

By Anna Zvereva/Wikimedia

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