Ryanair would not place new order for 737 MAX jets this year.

Ryanair does not expect to do a deal with Boeing (BA.N) this year on a major new order of 737 MAX jets, Chief Executive Michael O’Leary said on Tuesday – but added that he could order up to 250 of the aircraft if the price was lowered.

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Ryanair is already the largest European customer for the 737 MAX, with 210 firm orders of the 197-seat MAX 8-200 model. In July it said it might do a deal before the end of the year for a significant order of the MAX 10.

But O’Leary told journalists on Tuesday that he would be surprised if agreement was reached before next year, Reuters reported.

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“I would be hopeful that agreement might be reached in 2022. I mean the rate and pace of negotiation depends on Boeing,” O’Leary told a press briefing in London.

“At the moment I think the balance lies in favour of us because Boeing have recorded remarkably few orders for the aircraft, and they need a couple of large Max 10 orders.”

A large order from Ryanair would provide a major boost to U.S. planemaker Boeing and its MAX, which was grounded for 20 months.

“In an ideal world … if we can agree on pricing, I would certainly like to see Ryanair continue to grow and expand at the rate of about 50 aircraft a year.” he said. “So over a four or five-year period we should be looking at 200-250 aircraft.”

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