Avianca unveils its new Premium, Plus and Economy seats.

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During the ALTA Airline Leaders Forum 2021, an event organized by the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association in Bogota, Avianca presented the three new seats: Premium, Plus and Economy, designed by Recaro Aircraft Seating (Recaro), and which will soon be available in the airline’s reconfigured fleet.

Avianca will resume flights between Lima and Bogota in December.

These are the seats that Avianca’s short- and medium-range aircraft will have:

Premium: a model that Recaro developed exclusively for the airline and that will be available for the first three rows of the planes. It is the widest seat for those who prefer to travel in greater comfort. Its design will feature a central console with individual compartments, power outlet, USB port and recline.

Plus: available for those who prefer to be closer to the door when deboarding. Between rows 4 to 14, the design of this seat is light and comfortable, with independent headrest with 6 movements for greater relaxation, independent support for personal electronic devices, USB ports and recline.

Economy: with a simpler layout from rows 15 to 32, the customer will have access to a better price, allowing them to purchase additional services and tailor their travel experience. This seat features a pre-recline, table-integrated personal electronic device holder and USB ports.

The new aircraft interior design also includes Airbus SpaceFlex, a module that optimizes space in the rear of the aircraft, combining galleys and lavatories, and allows Avianca to increase seating capacity.

“The installation of more than 14,000 seats and new lavatory space on all A320 aircraft will take us until the end of 2022. As we reach that date and the transition of the entire fleet takes place, customers will find themselves with aircraft that will look different on the inside and will not have the final configuration; they will soon be flying on aircraft with renovated interiors in which they will continue to have a reliable, safe and pleasant trip,” said Albert Perez, Avianca’s Vice President of Engineering and Maintenance.

Avianca chooses the Boeing 787 as only aircraft for long-haul flights.

According to the airline, more than 100 Avianca experts have been working for more than a year on the redesign project, which has involved the participation of major strategic allies. Among these partners are Recaro, which is manufacturing all the new seats, one of them exclusively for Avianca, and Airbus, with whom they are making much better use of the space at the back of the aircraft thanks to SpaceFlex, and who have directly accompanied the reconfiguration process.

The design of the seats, defined by Recaro, reduces the weight per passenger by more than 30% in each aircraft and also reduces on average more than 13% in CO2 emissions for each passenger transported, being friendlier to the planet.

In the coming days, customers will begin to see the Plus and Economy seats on flights within Colombia. The airline estimates that the first fully designed aircraft will be ready during the second quarter of 2022 and that the full and final configuration of the A320 fleet will be completed by the end of 2022. It also confirmed that the 787 Dreamliner aircraft, intended for long-haul flights in the Americas and Europe, will retain the traditional executive cabin and that it will redesign the rest of the aircraft by adding the latest generation seats and that as this is a time of transition, customers will find aircraft that look different on the inside.

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