Ryanair Gift Cards have arrived.

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Ryanair offers the perfect gift idea for the holidays; a trip thanks to its gift cards for those looking for a last minute gift. The airline wants to make it easier for loved ones to return home on such special dates or even surprise them with a gift they can share such as a winter getaway.

Ryanair to open new base at Madeira Airport.

The gift vouchers of the Irish airline are personalized cards, from €25, redeemable for travel on any of the more than 230 destinations operated by Ryanair. In addition, the cards are purchased through the Ryanair.com website, so the lucky ones will receive them by email. An ideal gift not only for companies that want to have a detail with their employees, but also for family or friends.

“This year, more than ever, people want to travel after two years of intermittent travel restrictions. The Ryanair gift card is the perfect gift for travel-loving friends and family. Vouchers are available from €25, redeemable for getaways to any of the more than 230 destinations operated by Ryanair,” said Dara Brady, Ryanair’s Marketing Director.

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