Wingo launches international pet transportation service in cabin.

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The airline Wingo announced the enabling of pet transportation on international flights and, in order to preserve the welfare of the furry ones, they will always travel in the cabin.

This decision aims to allow travelers to enjoy a flight accompanied by their pets with the peace of mind that their welfare is a priority for everyone, since it is no secret that pets become anxious and restless when they are away from their owners. This happens because pets experience attachment behavior and their reaction to separation is anxiety based on the emotional relationship between the two. From Wingo, to avoid these stressful situations, both for dogs or cats and for pet owners, both parties will always be accompanied.

Wingo continues its expansion plan with arrival of a new aircraft.

“Traveling by plane with your pet, whether on domestic or international routes, will never be difficult again, you just have to comply with the established requirements and get ready to enjoy the company of the best of your loyal allies,” said Juan Sebastián Molano, Wingo’s Communications Manager. “We internationalize the furry ones, we give them the place they deserve during the flight and we always try to make sure they arrive safe and sound, ready to leave the routine in the coolest destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean”, concluded the manager.

Here are the main instructions before traveling abroad with your pet:

1. Visit the veterinarian beforehand.

A general check-up and the application of all necessary vaccinations is a way to prevent mishaps at the airport and even the loss of the flight. One of Wingo’s main requirements is to present the animal’s documentation consisting of health certificate, vaccination and inspection record, which must be presented no later than 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. Each furry animal must comply with the sanitary requirements formulated by the competent authority at the airport of origin and destination.

2. Booking in advance

For regulatory reasons, airlines have a maximum limit of pets that can travel in the cabin. At Wingo, we recommend that before buying a ticket, you make sure that there is room available for both on the flight. For example, in the coolest low cost airline, Wingo, the pet quota for each flight is limited to six furry ones. In any case, no more than one pet per passenger may be transported.

3. Choose the right crate

Although Wingo does not provide the service of crates, it recommends those made of soft and flexible materials, with ventilation holes, waste storage system and, ideally, that the furry ones can be accommodated in the space under the seats. The dimensions that the crate must preserve to fly in Wingo are 33 cm wide, 43 cm long and 25 cm high, in this way, the pets will have enough space to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably.

The maximum weight per animal, including the container, must not exceed 10 kg. This condition does not apply to service animals, such as guide dogs or guide dogs.

Photo: Hebrew Matio/Wikimedia

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