Laser Airlines launches new frequent flyer program

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Venezuelan airline Laser Airlines expands its range of passenger services with Laser Club, the new frequent flyer program that allows passengers to earn and redeem miles on the routes operated by the company, and also offers a promise of strategic alliances with businesses and companies aimed at recognizing customer loyalty and recurrent travel.

By registering for free, passengers gain immediate access to the Green category and the trips they make will allow them to earn miles to upgrade to Silver, Gold and Black levels.

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The membership categories include, among other benefits, differentiated attention in offices and airports, personalized check-in, preferential seating, additional baggage allowance privileges, travel planning advice through exclusive channels via WhatsApp, access to VIP lounges, as well as an attractive range of discounts on products and services from the program’s partner brands.

As part of the launch offer, people who have traveled with Laser Airlines since January 1, 2022 will be able to credit their miles for flights taken until July 2, 2022.

“We are honored to recognize the loyalty and preference of our customers through Laser Club. We have worked hard and enthusiastically to present a plan of advantages and privileges that translate into a thoughtful and exclusive experience for those who prefer us when traveling. To this end, we have developed the Internet portal, which, in an interactive way, offers services and permanent information on the latest news of the plan and facilitates the processes of accreditation and redemption of miles,” said René Cortés, Executive Vice President of Laser Airlines.

The accreditation process is automated after each flight for registered passengers. Customers will also be able to self-manage their miles by logging into the “My Club” section of the web portal.

Laser Club is available for all domestic routes (Maturín, Barcelona, El Vigía, Porlamar, Puerto Ordaz, La Fría and Maracaibo), as well as for international destinations served by the airline, Panama, Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo with onward connections.