Copa Airlines’ Panorama of the Americas magazine returns in printed version

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Panorama of the Americas, which is transformed into a tourist content platform for the continent, returns in its printed version to Copa Airlines aircraft starting in July, with a new design and content. The print magazine, along with all of its digital assets, will reach a monthly audience of more than three million people.

Panorama of the Americas has been in the market for more than 20 years traveling the roads of this continent in search of its most appreciated values, to arouse the desire of passengers to get to know the Americas, thus becoming a great boost for tourism in the region.

Copa Airlines inaugurates a new “Copa Club” in Terminal 2 of Tocumen Airport.

In 2020, in response to the global health situation, the magazine migrated to the digital ecosystem, becoming an interactive medium with many more possibilities and reach for its readers and advertisers.

This process is accentuated a year ago after an alliance between Editora del Caribe S.A., – the magazine’s production house – and Star5, which is contracted to develop the rebranding, the implementation of the digital strategy and the creation of digital assets, to convert a Panorama in an innovative tourism content platform. Now, with a cleaner, more sober and dynamic design, Panorama will continue to connect the interests of travelers with the destinations, adventures, culture and characters of our continent.

“Under the promise of maintaining Panorama as a benchmark for tourism in the region, we created a new concept that seeks to enhance the reach of the various digital platforms, which help us spread the content and are within reach of our hands with just push a button. Now, extremely proud to be able to complement these multiplatforms with the return of the printed version, we will continue working to contribute to regional tourism and, of course, to the dynamism of our country in international markets,” said Gabriel Barletta, CEO of Panorama of the Americas.

Copa Airlines inaugurates flights to Barcelona, Venezuela.

Panorama is part of the entertainment on every Copa Airlines trip, the airline that for 75 years has interconnected cities throughout the Americas and currently has a network of 75 destinations and 32 countries, connecting through the Hub of the Americas in Panama City .

“Since 2002, Panorama of the Americas has accompanied Copa Airlines passengers by providing content of cultural, tourist and entertainment interest, forming part of the memorable experience that we offer on board. We are happy to once again have the printed version of the magazine on all our flights, with a renewed and improved version, leaving the name of Panama even higher together with our world-class service and entertainment options for all”, he added. Marco Ocando, Sr. Director of Marketing, Communications and Frequent Flyer Program of Copa Airlines.

Panorama of the Americas is ready to continue flying through the skies of the American continent hand in hand with the prestigious airline, developing innovative strategies that help millions of travelers to explore tourist destinations that are not on international maps or in the most popular guides. of the world.

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